In partnership with PlaceIt! and Dudek we conducted community outreach and urban design services as part of the SCAG-funded South Colton Active Transportation Overlay. After a series of hands-on, interactive, and sensory-based community-engagement events, we developed a set of proposed street sections for the neighborhood that not only sought to reflect the needs and desires of South Colton's residents but also the Latino cultural aspects of the neighborhood that make the place unique. As such, we proposed more of a DIY approach to streetscape design, encouraging front-yard gathering spaces, fences, basketball hoops in parkways, shade trees, potted plants, and a whole host of other design elements that can help treat front yards, streets, and sidewalks more like gathering spaces and plazas and less like simply spaces for movement or display.

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Walking tour co-led with Place It!'s James Rojas as part of the community outreach for the project. Proposed street section for La Cadena. In addition to new three-story buildings, and an improved tree canopy, food trucks, sandwich boards, and colorful awnings are encouraged.
Proposed street section for residential streets within the project area. Front yards and streets encouraged to be treated as plazas and gathering areas. Participants at the first community-outreach event co-led by James Rojas of Place It!. Here they are working in groups to build their ideal South Colton.