In partnership with Place It!, Alta Planning, and the City of Palo Alto, we conducted a series of community-engagement workshops surrounding the California Bike/Ped Underpass in Palo Alto. As the underpass had been the site of increased conflict between bicyclists and pedestrians who use it, we sought to craft the engagement events so that participants could see what their shared values were and then build off of those shared values in the creation of interim soliutions for the space. Out of the workshops came not simply a better understanding of each user group's perspective but also creative and innovative ideas for creating a space that all can use and enjoy. For more on the project, you may click HERE

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Collaborating and building solutions for the California Avenue Underpass. Exploring the underpass with our senses. Here, Rosie Mesterhazy of the City of Palo Alto explaining why she likes this particular spot within the space.
Discussing creative ideas for a better-shared space. Passers-by on foot and bike could build what they wanted to see within and around the underpass.