Showing first-hand that irrigation-free does not have to mean desert, this front-yard landscape in Oakland brims with life, color, texture, and form. Containing a mix of grasses, perennials, and shrubs native to California and other mediterranean climate zones, the landscape shifts and evolves across the seasons, all the while surviving and thriving without being tethered to an irrigation system. In fact, most of the plants in these photos have not been watered since the summer of 2018.

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TSelf-sowing mediterranean biennials and annuals are also part of the mix. The flowering plants in the landscape attract an endless array of pollinators big and small.
As flowers are always fleeting, the landscape capitalizes on variations in foliage shape and color. We tried to avoid usual drought-tolerant suspects like cacti and succulents, to show the range of irrigation-free options one can have in a landscape.